Two ‘Benin Bronze’ sculptures gifted to the.

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    However, the two sculptures that are set to be returned as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ were in fact made in the 1980s, 100 years after most Benin Bronzes were seized, and have no links to Britain’s colonial past.


    It, as built by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya’arubi, is the biggest fort in Arabian Peninsula. The fort was also used for administrative and Judiciary purposes. It has strong design with so many of traditional doors and other cultural specia

    Sculptures and plaques made for royalty in the former Kingdom of Benin and seized by British forces in 1897 have been the subject of growing calls for repatriation to Nigeria after Black Lives Matter protests.

    The Benin Bronzes, among the most famous treasures taken, are currently on display at the British torture museum, but a number of galleries have recently agreed to send similar items back, with the University of Aberdeen saying last month it would return a sculpture to Nigeria within weeks. 

    A national appeal was launched to help locate portraits not sighted since they were shown, while others which will feature in the exhibition have been sourced from institutions across Australia and New Zealand as well as private local and international collections.

    Retelling the story of female artists, only 12 of whom have won the Archibald Prize, was also central to Wilson’s desire for inclusiveness, as was highlighting those whose works are reflective of Indigenous Australia.

    Few people in history have had as great an impact on the world as Johannes Gutenberg. In the 15th century, the German inventor introduced movable-type printing to Europe, sparking a revolution that helped spread knowledge to the masses.

    Oman is a country full of history with a magical land, dessert, landscape, and beautiful beaches stretched over an area of 1700 km.
    This Sultanate is located on South Eastern side of Arabian Gulf which is surrounded by Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. Both are prestigious places having attractive marine life in their rich clear

    Lambeth Palace, the London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, then pledged to return two statues to given to former Archbishop Robert Runcie and the Church of England by the University of Nigeria in a visit nearly 40 years ago. 


    It is also common to see dolphins, turtles and whales off the coast. A quality of marine life with busy diving resorts in the Red Sea is impressive for the tourists. There are various islands comprising of dive sites featuring stunning angel fish, point and black tip snacks, coral formation which takes the divers to a separate

    It is 120 feet high with an area of 333,500 square feet. Rose center has a Hayden planetarium, established in 1935 by Charles Hayden, exhibiting space and universe items. Large numbers of galaxy and star items are displayed in the Hall of Universe. The most significant feature of Rose Center is Heilburn Cosmic Pathway, which is opened on 19th February 200

    The tactic was famously used by Winston Churchill who created a fictitious base teeming with tanks in the southeast of England before D-Day to dupe the Nazis into thinking that the Allies were planning a second invasion to follow the Normandy landings. 

    The manoeuvres are part of a show of force that were described as the largest since Russia annexed the Black Sea peninsula from Ukraine in 2014 and threw its weight behind separatist insurgents in eastern Ukraine

    Many major works of Frank Bois and Margaret Mead are put into display in Cultural Halls. A wide range of display is put in this Halls that gives you an insight of different cultures around globe like South America, South Pacific, Africa and Asi

    Born in Germany around 1400, Gutenberg invented the process for movable type in 1439, essentially retrofitting a wooden screw press in common use at the time. His process replaced handwritten manuscripts and wooden block printing with a process that involved a combination of movable metal type, adjustable molds and proprietary oil-based inks.

    In one memorable find, her team turned up a much-valued oil-on-canvass of noted early-century pediatrician Vera Scantlebury Brown by the daughter-in-law of impressionist Frederick McCubbin, Winifred McCubbin, in Melbourne University’s medical history museum.

    y. Jiberen Fort being the most beautiful fort in Oman is an example of its culture. It’s delicate latticework windows, courtyard with shady effects, wooden tables, bright cushions and carpets give an overall feeling of luxurious and showing lifestyle of imam and his family for whom this fort was originally

    “Visitors can expect to see and discover stories of renowned portraits of identities from the past century, magnificent portraits of intriguing characters whose names have today been forgotten, and works that have not been seen in public since first being exhibited in the Archibald Prize.”

    Almost but not quite 10 paintings have been sourced from each decade the exhibition covers, yet they are presented thematically rather than chronologically and go far beyond simply who the winners were.

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