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The Northland Badminton Association, a non-profit organization, serves as the governing body for badminton in the region and is affiliated with Badminton New Zealand. Its primary goal is to offer both members and the broader community access to a dedicated badminton facility and an array of related services and programs.

At the heart of this commitment is the Northland Badminton Centre, situated at 41 Porowini Ave, Morningside, Whangarei. This facility boasts six courts, which serve as a hub for local and national events, coaching sessions, holiday programs, and casual court rentals. The association's overarching aim is to foster increased player participation, enhance enjoyment, and elevate skill levels within the sport.


The Northland Badminton Association Board members are as follows


Karsten Thomsen - President / Chair

Board Members

Reece Gunson - Business Adviser

Trevor Hollings

Deidre Sterling

Ibin Anthony

Shane Ringrose

SteveĀ  Sudbury

Beneficial Owners

Shane Ringrose

Reece Gunson

Aaron Spence